In the past, printing in four-color meant having to print large quantities with traditional offset. This invariably required customers to print more than they needed, thus incurring warehousing and storage fees as well ashigher shipping costs.

Flash forward to today, to a world of seemingly limitless innovation and communication. Technological advances have made on-demand printing and publishing an achievable and ecologically responsible means of information distribution through the use of high-powered copiers and custom-designed binding equipment. Printing and binding a four-color design in small quantities can be easily achieved today at an affordable cost. PrintPOD has also extended this technology to the educational market by printing four-color, perfect bound textbooks in quantities that start as low as two copies!

PrintPOD, Inc. was established by a group of writers, editors, graphic artists, printers, and engineers to create quality on-demand printing and publishing at an economical price and in non-wasteful quantities.

Let PrintPOD, Inc. help you complete your next project from layout to finishing.