Eco-Friendly Printing

PrintPOD, Inc. has eliminated a significant amount of paper waste and cost using lean just-in-time manufacturing technology. We’ve researched and implemented the use of bio-resource-friendly items on the market from our paper to our manufacturing and recycling methods.

Tree-Hugging Printing Paper

The paper we use as the base product for all our printing and publishing is specifically designed for digital printing and contains 30% post-consumer fibers, which meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard to be considered recycled. Our paper is certified and complies with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The SFI standard addresses key environmental, social, and economic forest values – from water quality and biodiversity to harvesting and regeneration.

Rethink the Ink

But what good is tree-hugging paper without eco-friendly ink? We use newly developed toners that are environmentally and ecologically efficient. The new toner method has achieved an approximate 40% reduction in carbon dioxide. In the printing process, the toner consumption is reduced by more than 30% and fuses at a lower temperature, which reduces power consumption, making the overall printing process more energy effective. The toner is toxin-free, and we also follow the manufacturer’s recycling program to eliminate improper disposal practices. We do not use plastics or laminates in our production, which increases the recyclable aspects of our print products.

More Energy in Education, Less Energy in Production

But our green initiative does not end at manufacturing! We have an all-electronic workflow to edit, compose, and finalize copy and drafts. Therefore, we eliminate the need for hardcopy proofs and courier services throughout the project. By using print-on-demand (POD) technology, we expend and consume significantly less energy in comparison to traditional offset printing Because each project is made to order, there is no excess production waste. POD also greatly reduces the need for transporting and warehousing overstock inventory, a situation which contributes to pollution and land sprawl while driving up the price to the end user.

Get Your Green On

At PrintPOD, Inc. we spend our energy trying to come up with new, creative, and innovative ways to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint! Join us so that you can get your green on – print, produce, or promote by greener means.