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PrintPOD combines Print-on-Demand’s short-run technologies with traditional binding to create limited edition books in quantities as few as 25 copies! Now you or your group can be published!

Perfect Bound: Books with square backs, glued spines and stiff soft covers are known as perfect bound books. This style, together with a professional graphic design, can give your content a more serious, professional look.

Saddle Stitched: This binding style is designed for books with page counts up to 48 pages. Wire stapled books, have a more ‘magazine’ type feel, which when coupled with a freer graphic design, can support an ”in-your-face,” journalistic approach to your work.

Print on-Demand. What is it?

The look of digital printing is often quite different from offset, especially on gloss stocks. Digital printing is not a cheap alternative to offset lithography. They are dissimilar processes, each satisfying different market and client needs. Often both processes can be used on the same project to increase efficiency and enhance the product. Given the right file input, digital printing is hugely productive and cost effective.

Technology for changing times.

The evolution of the printing process and the client’s needs has changed the way in which we print. Technology has been in the forefront of this development by accommodating clients with a variety of inexpensive ways to print and supporting all-digital workflows.

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