Everyone has a short story to tell that is literally “a moment in time.”:

a special occasion
  • an unforgettable experience
a memorable incident
  • an important event
  • a wonderful occurrence
  • a poignant moment

We at PrintPOD, Inc. encourage you to write about your Moment in Time. We will help you through the process step by step. You will have your own personal editor to guide you as you write, copyedit and proofread your manuscript. We will use your words and pictures to create a beautiful little book that you will be proud to give to your friends and family members as a lasting keepsake. They will be delighted with their copy of your special Moment in Time.

Why should you consider writing a Moments in Time book with PrintPOD, Inc.?

1. Each book is as short as you want it to be—as few as 16 pages.

2. Depending on the number of pages, the whole project should take only about a month to complete:

  • Ten days for you to write it
Ten days for us to edit it and make a pdf file for your approval
  • Ten days for us to print it, bind it, and send it to you.
 You will see your printed book in four weeks!

3. Unlike a folder of photos on your computer, your Moments in Time book can be:

  • a focal point as it sits proudly on a table in your living room
  • a lasting gift
a tangible memento you can hold in your hands as well as in your heart

4. It is affordable. All payments are billed and remitted through PayPal.

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